A Home Away from Home


By Nancy Gonzalez, ELK Urban Ranger College Lead 2016

Environmental Learning for Kids is a home itself but we also want to make sure the Montbello community has a place to call home. In being a part of the Montbello community, I have seen so many issues like the evolution of technology, gangs, violence, drugs and so forth but with the future Education Center, there is a hope for change. Environmental Learning for Kids educates, inspires and transforms the lives of many youth in the Denver metro area, accomplishing students to graduate and pursue a degree in Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology and many more careers. With the Education Center being in a needy community, it brings promise and security to the community that their child will have a bright and well guided future.

    The Education Center will have a variety of academic and informative activities for youth and as well as for their parents and/or their guardians. The Education Center will have a walkway that families can come and enjoy at any time of the day. With that being said, we encourage and highly recommend that the families of the Montbello community and others come and visit their new home one it’s up and running!  

This building is being built to make sure that the mission of Environmental Learning for Kids is being fulfilled to its maximum. We want to make sure the students we target are well benefited from what we are going to bring to the community. Families that do not often get the experience of exploring nature will have the opportunity to have it in their backyard when the Education Center is finished. I know being part of Environmental Learning for Kids is a phenomenal experience because when I was younger, I had no idea what it meant to have a home or what nature really meant. Environmental Learning for Kids educated me with tools and information about the outdoors, different possible careers, and helped me to look at life with a different perspective. They inspired me to teach other youth and to give them the same experiences I received and to make sure their lives are transformed like my life was.

Finally, Environmental Learning for Kids welcomes everybody and anybody because they want to make sure all youth get educated, inspired and transformed. Each life matters and with the Education Center the youth will have incredible mentors and a family they can grow from and become an outstanding person to show the world who we are truly made of. This Education Center will be for everybody to enjoy and to learn from.