Together We Can #BuildELKsHome


For the past 20 years, Environmental Learning for Kids (ELK) has always been an extended home for our youth and their families to engage in science education and outdoor experiences.  Starting with its founding in 1996, our founders would open their home, in the Montbello community, to ELK youth.  Their living room became the youth’s ‘second living room.’  

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As ELK has matured and grown, so to has our family. The need for a facility that can accommodate the educational needs of our youth has grown with it.   This need has put ELK on a Community Campaign journey to increase our capacity to serve thousands more youth and their families through the development of an Education & Community Center and Open Space Park on 5.5 acres of already-acquired land in Montbello. Once a reality this facility will not only be a place to further our mission, but also act as an extended ‘home’ to the youth and their families that ELK serves.  

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It’s in this spirit that we are launching our #BuildELKsHome campaign to raise awareness and support to make this facility a reality.  You will see the hashtag #BuildELKsHome throughout our promotional materials, communication and social media channels, as a reminder of this important effort.

We need your help in getting the message out and ask that you spread the word to your network.  Using the hashtag #BuildELKsHome as you communicate this message you will help us strengthen our voice on this important campaign.  

Together we can #BuildELKsHome!