Tell Me About Yourself…

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By Guest Blogger, Tara Bruckert, member of Environmental Learning for Kids Board of Directors and Architect for Channel Sales at Striim

Having a solid answer is key when interviewing. Appearance and nonverbal communication also make a huge impact on potential employers. To prepare Environmental Learning for Kids’ (ELK) youth for career and college interviews, ELK’s most recent Leadership Corps meeting focused on techniques to master interviews.

ELK’s Leadership Corps program focuses around college and career readiness and exploration for high school students in Far Northeast Denver. Students in Leadership Corps sharpen post-secondary skills through monthly meetings, guest speakers, mock interviews, and service projects in the community.

Andrew Martinez, a Principal Software Engineer at, was the meeting’s guest speaker and shared his personal story of how recognizing opportunities and never taking them for granted led to his remarkable success. He encouraged the attendees to maximize their own potential. Austin Phoutthavong, an ELK youth, described meeting Andrew as “an incredible experience.”

Andrew even offered his own advice about interviewing – research the company in advance. Austin found this insightful, saying “That is something I realize people tend to overlook because they think it might be just a job. But in reality, it’s your future.”

As a follow-up to the session on preparing for interviews, ELK will be hosting Mock Interviews for our youth on March 30th at 5pm.