ELK’s Urban Rangers End the Summer with a Bang!


Urban Rangers Summer Successes

You probably saw them around town this Summer – super spiffy blue t-shirts, making HUGE impacts on the lives of Denver’s youth left and right? Yes, that was most definitely ELK’s 2015 Urban Ranger team that you spotted! We are proud to highlight some of their incredible accomplishments that took place this Summer of 2015, and we look forward to what adventures 2016 will bring to our crew of bright and shining stars!

o   During the 2015 Summer,  the Urban Rangers taught fishing clinics to 1930 youth and families. In addition to learning how to fish, students learned about: The National Park Service, Fish Anatomy, Native vs. Nonnative fish, Lake Ecosystem, and how to be an ethical angler;

o   The Urban Rangers taught School-based Science and Natural Resource educational programs and camps to  661 youth from the Denver Metro area;

o   The Urban Rangers led educational outreach events for 2,350 youth and families, reaching a total of 4,941 youth and families;

o   The Urban Rangers participated in a total of 66.5 hours of Professional Development, helping the Rangers gain the skills and insights to be successful in the workforce, especially within a STEM career.

o   The  Urban Rangers participated in a total of 8 Farm Stands and spent a total of 27 hours selling organic produce and informing the Montbello Community all about healthy foods.

o   The  Urban Rangers spent a total of 30 hours on camping  trips. This year the Rangers camped at: Browns Canyon, Devils Thumb Ranch, and Rocky Mt. National Park.