Running for a Purpose

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Guest Blogger: Jaime Cabrera, ELK Board Member

Here we are; only 5 days out from the Colfax Marathon Relay!

ELK teams 1 & 2 recently met up to start planning race day logistics over brunch (including lots of bacon and mimosas).  We compared running speed (or lack thereof), got to know each other and had some fun discussing creative baton passing techniques.  Yes, this is how our team trains.  Our athletic ability varies greatly. None of us have ever run a marathon relay before.  By no means do we intend to win the race. But, we have a common goal that drives us all to run.  We are supporting meaningful work in our community by raising awareness and funds for Environmental Learning for Kids (ELK).

What truly inspires me is that ELK provides more than just one-time activities for youth.  The ELK staff deliver comprehensive education programs that involve youth and their families.  Youth are exposed to nature and the environment and inspired to become leaders in the community through a focus on education and career development.  I’ve now participated in a number of ELK programs and been fortunate enough to meet ELK youth and experience their engagement first hand.  It is amazing!  This engagement is what inspires me to tell friends and family about this unique organization and has inspired me run in support of ELK.

I encourage you to come join us for an ELK event and get inspired!  Remember, you don’t have to run a marathon relay to do meaningful work in your community.  You can donate funds.  You can volunteer time.  There are so many ways to support us.  Cheer us on at the race and check us out at!

If you would like to support ELK by donating to our relay team here or you can donate directly through the ELK site.