ELK Contributes to Colorado Parks and Wildlife 2015 Strategic Plan Update!

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) is embarking on a strategic planning process to gublog post 2ide CPW’s efforts into the future. This new strategic plan will set a high level vision, overarching goals, and strategies for Colorado’s state parks, wildlife and outdoor recreation resources. Through this process, CPW is striving to develop a strategic direction that is shared with citizens of Colorado, individuals who utilize CPW services, the Parks and Wildlife Commission and CPW’s dedicated staff.

This plan will reflect what CPW hears from stakeholders, the Commission, the public and staff during the planning process as well as build upon recent planning and research efforts. In order to be successful, CPW is reaching out to people across the state and encouraging participation in this planning effort. Please take time to attend one of our meetings and/or fill out a comment form.

One March 2ndblog post 1, ELK staff, youth and alumni participated in CPW’s public workshop process in order to ensure that the voices of Colorado’s urban youth were included in this important planning process. During workshops held at Bass Pro and REI in Denver, ELK representatives and other community stakeholders (hunters, fishers, campers, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts) had the opportunity to identify and share their top priorities for Colorado’s state parks and wildlife resources for the next 20 years. Priorities shared by ELK staff and youth included increased presence of CPW in urban schools, expanded awareness and recruitment efforts targeting youth and families historically underrepresented in the outdoor, hunting and angler education programs targeting youth and families historically underrepresented in these activities.