ELK Sets Out to Inspire, Educate, and Transform You! And You! And You Over There!

Now in our 18th year, we firmly believe that ELK is due a new style and a little flair! For all of of the wonderful friends, family and supporters alike out there, please watch out for (and participate!) in a new trend you will soon begin noticing in all of ELK’s social media exploits. For the month of September, you will notice the hashtag, “inspire”. For the months of October and November, our hashtags will be “educate” and “transform” (consecutively). For what purpose, you may be pondering? ELK’s programming is truly built on the following 3 pillars, and we want to make sure that each one receives its time in the spotlight, and that everyone of you do as well! We want to know what you think – how has ELK inspired, educated or transformed you? Looking forward to reading some great input on the social media waves! 


ELK Inspires youth to have high expectations of themselves by exposing them to the outdoors and engaging them in service learning projects.

With ELK’s guidance and support, many under-served youth have not only graduated from high school, but have become engaged, productive, and successful members of society.

Fact: ELK serves over 5,000 youth each year, many of whom experience their first outdoor adventure with ELK.


ELK Educates youth through science and environmental education embedded in all programs and activities.

For the last 18 years ELK has invested in developing youth as stewards and engaged citizens, while cultivating a strong educational message to ensure high school and college graduation.

Fact: 100% of ELK’s youth have graduated high school (2011-2014).


ELK Transforms youth by endowing them with increased academic skills, civic and community leadership, environmental stewardship, and employment opportunities. Science, environmental education, technology, engineering, and math is embedded in all programs and activities.

Fact: Latinos make up less than 2.4% of the nation’s pipeline in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) – related disciplines.

Fact: 60% of ELK alumni are studying or working in a STEM related career field.