What ELK’s Southwest Camping Trip Means to Me


                                                            What ELK’s Southwest Camping Trip Means to Me                                                             By ELK youth & Urban Ranger, Rebekah Amaro

Hello my name is Rebekah Amaro. I believe in giving back to the community and striving for excellence. I know who I am, I know that I matter, and I know what matters to me. I hold a responsibility as an Urban Ranger during Environmental Learning for Kids programs. I practice reaching out to others on adventurous trips with my peers. Environmental Learning for Kids teaches youth how to be innovators, facilitators, and communicators. I have learned to outline obstacles as opportunities. New memories are created each year on the Southwest trip. We kick off our journey with a team bonding activity and funny games to connect with one another! Seven days of breathtaking nature and wildlife, and six nights of galaxy gazing and wishing upon a star. Environmental Learning for Kids is a place where dreams become a reality. A splash of fun at the Hot Springs brings an immense smile on everyone’s face. Pagosa Springs is an amazing experience. I appreciate the hard dedication present as the staff prepares for the youth each trip. Our trips are always successful and admired by the campers. I can proudly say we are happy campers! I believe we are a strong, smart, and bold organization that desires to make positive differences in our future by embracing wildlife as a whole. My favorite part of the Southwest trip was driving up to Mesa Verde. This Colorado National Park is a treasure to us. The cultural was so inspiring and climbing into a Kiva with my friends was fascinating. I learned about the Ruins, which were history rich and full of beauty. These trips make me realize all the great advantages and careers I wish to work in as I grow in life. Environmental Learning for Kids brings a spark of fun and adventure into a child’s heart. We make it a goal to open up a fresh beginning and an endless journey of science, nature, and wildlife.