Onto the Next Chapter

Monica Tran

Life passes by faster than we perceive it to. This was greatly evident in the realization of graduating from high school. I, like many others, am excited for the grand day of this tremendous achievement, but also very anxious for the life that comes after high school. High school graduation means entering the adult world, learning independence, being even more self-efficient, discovering who we are, making new friends and relationships, and even so, finding value in what we choose to do in life.

For me, graduating high school is another milestone passed to achieve a dream. It is a bittersweet feeling, but instead of reminiscing about the good times of high school, I am setting my foot onto the next step to become a cardiovascular surgeon. Needless to say, I feel accomplished thus far.

Environmental Learning for Kids (ELK) has been a wonderful addition to my journey. Although my time was short, ELK has taught me to enjoy the time we have now and take everything one day at a time to have some laughs and fun. They have taught me to find peace, to get away from stress for just a little while, and enjoy the nature around us from the busy urban life. ELK has brought nothing but joy, comfort, and peace to my journey to ensure that my accomplishments were made possible.

And so, I will be attending the University of Colorado Denver to study medicine, then onwards to a prestigious institution (such as Harvard University) to continue studying. ELK will always be a second home to me to relax and enjoy life as I busy myself for perhaps another twelve years in school to obtain my dream.

By: Monica Tran
Montbello High School
Class of 2014