This picture IS worth a thousand words…

Throughout March and April ELK was busy conducting a brand audit to collect data from various stakeholders and reassess how we talk about our work with our community.  We asked a handful of donors, partners, parents, kids, staff, and board members the question, “What is ELK?”  We were interested in hearing how different ELK constituents described us and also in identifying what key words were used in talking about ELK.  At the end of the collection period, we compiled all the data and created a list that represented the most utilized words used in the responses.


An interesting graphic that represents the quantitative usage of “key words” identified in the ELK brand audit. *Note: the bigger the word, the more frequently it was mentioned in the responses.

Going forward, these same ELK stakeholders will conduct a facilitated process to identify which of these words best define our mission, vision, and help us to develop a position statement for future growth! A fun and exciting process indeed. Stay tuned!

Some sample brand audit responses:

“ELK is a non-profit organization that provides learning opportunities for inner city youth of color to experience the wonders of nature which enables them to enjoy and appreciate our great earth.   As they mature, they pursue college degrees (frequently in a science-related field) and grow up to be better stewards of our limited resources.  The ELK kids also learn about team work, leadership and collaboration as a result of their trips and various activities together. “

“ELK is the bridge between our urban youth and nature! It is the window to self-discovery, exploration, knowledge, service and adventure! And when the window opens, it brings the urban to the wild and the wild to the urban!!!”