Earth Science with ELK!


Here at ELK we are thankful for many things this time of year. As we wrap up another great semester of school programs we look back and give thanks for all of the great students, teachers and schools we’ve had the chance to work with. Whether it’s a six-week session where ELK staff meet every day with the same group of kids, or a day-long intensive program working with five or six different groups of youth in a single day, school programs are a fun and unique part of ELK’s environmental education programming.

ELK’s school programs this term wrapped up with a couple of great day-long programs at the two SOAR Academy campuses in Green Valley Ranch and Montebello. ELK’s program team brought a recently revamped Earth science curriculum into eight different 4th and 5th grade classrooms. Through six hands-on experiment stations SOAR students explored the fascinating processes of weathering and erosion that are constantly reshaping our planet. During this engaging program, SOAR students learned about both the natural and human influenced effects of different types of weathering and erosion and were encouraged to think about large and small scale examples of these processes. Image

Eyes sparkles and jaws dropped when students were asked to consider whether an iconic local landmark, the Rocky Mountain range, would still be around if they were to return to Earth two million years from now! You could practically see the gears of imagination turning!

It was a wet, muddy, loud, and sometimes stinky couple days of science inquiry…we wouldn’t have it any other way! Thanks to all our kids, partner teachers and schools for another great semester of environmental learning!