Hello from Southwest Colorado!

Stacie reports from ELK’s Southwest Adventure! For pictures, check out our Facebook page!

I should know this, but when life gives you a lesson, you should openly take it. This is our 7th annual trip to SW Colorado and we are traveling with 27 people in three vans. My recent life lesson? Children watch and copy what adults do. Yes, I know, like I said, I should know this and I do. We have become healthier as a staff, exercising more, doing the P90X workout series, and Kim even showed us all up by participating in a duathalon. Over this last weekend, ELK staff were talking about working out at the hotel in Towac, Colorado. Some ELK youth got wind of this, and were joking that yoga wasn’t really a workout…an hour and a half later I think they had changed their minds!

Living healthy, taking care of our bodies – physically, mentally, and spiritually – are the best gifts we as adults can give our children. They watch us and learn how to move through life, either going with the flow or fighting every current. Yesterday after an amazing hike into the Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Ruins with our great friend, Mr. George Wells, we were all exhausted and could have just vegged out in the hotel rooms. What did we do instead? We rested for an hour, then went to a local park, set up a volleyball net, threw a football, and went fishing! Hilariously Scott jumped into the pond after a bass that broke Angel’s line – we were ACTIVE and HEALTHY!

More to come from ELK’s Great SW Adventure….