Happy Earth Day from ELK!

Happy Earth Day from ELK!  This is one of our favorite days of the year (besides high school graduation day and Cindy’s birthday).  We wanted to share with you some fun and easy things that we are doing in the office and at home to protect the future of our earth.

In the office, we are:

  • Giving our paper a “second life” by printing on the back once we’re done with the front
  • Donating gently used materials to RAFT Colorado, and buying reused office supplies from them
  • Carpooling whenever we can on ELK trips!

ELK staff are not only eco-conscious in the office, but at home too!

Kim recycles and bikes whenever she can
Chiquita reuses plastic food containers from the grocery store for her lunches
Stacie and Scott have installed compact florescent lights in their house
Cindy just put in a low-flow shower head
Liberty is taking a composting class and is planting a garden this year
Matt is teaching his son how to conserve water at home

These are simple but effective ways to help conserve our natural resources and make sure they’re going to be around for generations to come.  What are YOU doing for Earth Day?


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