Why you should support ELK Reason #5

ELK’s Globalgiving Open Challenge campaign needs your help! We need to raise $4,000 by April 30th!

Do you need more reasons to give to ELK?  Here’s #5 in our series:

One common myth is that college scholarships are easy to get, and that racially and ethnically diverse students in the U.S. get the majority of these scholarships.  Turns out that’s not true: this NPR story shows that more than 70% of scholarships goes to white students.

It’s hard to get college scholarships, and our youth are even more challenged by poverty and being the first generation in their family to go to school.  Environmental Learning for Kids has helped raise over $420,000 in scholarships for our youth.  That’s only one of the reasons why we are so successful in graduating our students from high school and college.

Now are you ready to support us?