Why you should support ELK Reason #472

This month, Environmental Learning for Kids is excited to be a part of Globalgiving.org’s Open Challenge!  What does this mean?  It means that ELK has to $4,000 by April 30 to grab a permanent spot on Globalgiving’s website!

So why should YOU give to this important challenge and support ELK? Here’s reason #472:

The Center for American Progress recently released a report that shows that 66% of all Latinos in the U.S., more than 25 million Latinos, live in areas that are polluted.  This increases the risk for asthma and other air pollution-related health issues.

Environmental Learning for Kids works to develop youth leaders in our community to address these issues and fight against pollution.  Our youth know how to think critically about environmental issues and question why pollution exists.  With 40% of our students identifying as Latino and living in polluted areas of Denver, we need these leaders to get us out of this mess.

Do you agree?

Will you join us?