Everyone learns at the Butterfly Pavilion!

Our Board Chair, Elizabeth Norris, recently tagged along on our trip to the Butterfly Pavilion. This is what she had to say:

I spent a day with the ELK students at the Butterfly Pavilion and was once again amazed at what they can teach me! A duo of young men heard me saying that it was hot in the butterfly room and respond with, “that’s because butterflies live in humid climates”. The ELK students not only demonstrated their curiosity for learning but showed their ability to be leaders. Each older student partnered with a younger student to show them around and “keep their eye on them”. At one point I turned a corner and found Angel helping a young girl (not with ELK) hold a butterfly! Angel was a perfect example of what ELK students are…leaders and teachers.

It’s great to see that everyone, even adults, are learning on our science trips! We look forward to a great year of programs and activities with all ages!