Why does climate change matter to us?

Did you know that Colorado and the Southwest are in the worst drought since the year 1155?

Scientists believe it is because of climate change, and that it’s only going to get worse.

What does this mean to our daily lives, and why should our ELK kids care? Well, this drought, and all climate change impacts, are affecting their lives and will continue to do so. The climate of Colorado is going to continue to change, making it harder to do the outdoor activities that ELK youth love to do. Lakes and ponds aren’t the same as they used to be; in fact some swimming holes have dried up, and fish populations change with warmer waters, making it difficult to fish for our favorite species. Summer forest fires are larger and more dangerous, threatening our homes, communities, and lives.

ELK is working to educate our kids and our community about the impacts of climate change on our everyday lives. How has climate change impacted your life in Colorado?