What do you learn from the outdoors?

What do you learn from being in the outdoors? We asked our older students that exact question after a recent camping trip, and here’s what they had to say:

“The experience was good for me because I learned hard work pays off in the end. I took advantage of my dad’s hard work, now I appreciate him.” – Dante, age 13

“The experience was amazing. I saw many different species that I don’t get to see in the city.” – Michelle, age 16

“It showed us that beautiful places like this exist for us to enjoy, but they also need our help in order to keep them beautiful”. –Brittany, age 22

“If I were considering a career path within the park, a wildlife manager would interest me the most.” –Chiquita, age 22

“The experience was helpful to me because it made me want to help more people in the forest.” – Demetrius, age 14

“It helped me build character teaching the clinic because I am more confident in my teaching skills.” – Nya, age 14