In their own words – part 1

Our ELK ‘n Eggs Breakfast was a resounding success! Thank you to all of you who made it happen — especially our volunteers and our sponsors!

Two of our ELK students were brave enough to stand up in front of 300+ people at the breakfast and tell their story. Here is one from a member of our Leadership Corps. Our second speech to come soon!

Hello, My name is N.W. and I am an 8th grader at Prairie Middle School and I have been in ELK for 3 years now. And 3 years ago I would not be able to stand here and tell you that I have caught 5 fish or that I have been to Mesa Verde, even camped at the Colorado State Forest State Park. ELK has helped me experience the outdoors in a whole different way. ELK gets kids active and we never sit around and are bored. I am currently in the Leadership Corps with ELK, and it has opened my eyes to so many careers in the field of science and natural resources. Overall my times with ELK have brought me so many memories that I’ll keep with me forever. Especially the memory of when they helped me catch my very first fish. Thank you to the ELK staff for making this all possible for me.

We continue to be proud and astounded at our wonderful youth!